Our site allows real amateurs to have their own adult web site
and to become part of WW Amateurs at the same time.
We will set up and design a mini web site with your own Entrance page,
Bio, FAQ, Free Photo page and your personal join page for you.
These pages includes your personal info and some of your sample images ...etc.
that will convince visitors to sign up through your web site.
When a visitor chooses to sign up to your site, they will receive access to your Members Area.

In exchange, you will provide your personal content, images and/or videos on a regular basis
and advertise and promote your mini web site as much as possible.
The more traffic you can get to your pages, the more money you'll make.
The profits from visitors who sign up via your personal web site will be split
See Below ,with you and a check is sent directly to you from CCBill.

If you upload 1 updates per week your split will be increased to 53%

If you upload 2 updates per week your split will be increased to 55%

If you upload 3 updates per week your split will be increased to 60%

If you upload 5 updates per week your split will be increased to 63%

Our membership fees are as follows:

$23.35 - One Month (recurring) you make just under $19.67

$39.41 - Three Months (recurring) you make just under $35.46

$53.89 - Six Months (recurring) you make just under $49.54

Plus recurring memberships Plus Telephone Billing Option

So if you get 20 members in your first month and then say 25 in your second PLUS
recurring members was 100% you would now get paid for 45 MEMBERSHIPS

Traffic and sign ups to your site will determine to what degree you will succeed.

You will receive approximately* 50% from each sale made through your web site.
As a member chooses to continue his/her membership month after month,
you will receive approximately 50% from each recurring sale as well.

Basically, you'll have your own money making web page with no start up costs.

We make no guarantees as to the success of your web site, that will remain up to you.
Your ability to Promote and Generate TRAFFIC to YOUR site will determine to what degree you will succeed.
But, it CAN BE DONE!
In addition we will promote the main WW Amateur site,
and you will receive the benefit of any surfers passed to your mini web site via such promotion.


Several existing partners also choose to sell items from their web site, like videos,
signed photos, personal panties ..etc.
This is acceptable, but only by mail order.
WWAmateurs will post the information about your items for sale,
as well as how to buy your items directly from you.
To sale personal items you must provide us with all information
on your billing and shipping of items, we recommend using for your billing.
WWAmateurs will not be responsible for billing, accepting, and fulfilling orders.
Should any complaints be received, your right to sell items can be revoked.

* CCBill handles our billing processing, one of the leading billing companies on the internet.

What is the minimum check amount?

$50 USD is the minimum amount sent out.
If that amount is not made in a billing period (1 week) then it is carried over to the nex

When do you mail out checks?

Check are mailed out every 4 weeks by CCBill, like clockwork.

How do I check my stats?

When you join the program you will receive a username and passwords
to access the partners area.

From there you can check your REAL TIME STATS
as well as many other important statistics about your traffic.


The first step in becoming an WWAmateur is to submit 3 or 4 sample images to us by e-mail and mark the subject box

On acceptance we will forward you the appropriate model release forms and further instructions in an HTML FILE or Doc file

The WW Amateur site is designed only for amateur models only.
The content that is submitted to us must be exclusive to WW Amateurs only,
If at any time we discover that a WW Amateur is posting the same pictures
with another adult web site for purposes other than advertising or promoting their WWAmateur web site,
then we will consider removing their WW Amateur site.

Your information and submitted images will then be reviewed for consideration.
but we highly recommend the use of a digital camera.

Once you are accepted as a WW Amateur, we will require your images,
This will be 3 sets split into 2 parts.

3 x FREE (min of 10 per set)
3 x PAY(min of 20 per set)

In ZIP Folders and Name zip Folder
With your Screen Name

Partners should then submit an additional set every week after that,
you can submit more if you wish.

We will also accept video clips as a content update in place of an image gallery.
3-5 clips in either MPEG, AVI or WMV format can be substituted.
The clips should run for at least 30 seconds each, 4mb min clips are recommended,
but should not exceed 7 megabytes in size.


Failure to submit a new content update within 30 days of the last update
may result in the removal of your site.

If You have ANY QUESTIONS regarding becoming a WWAmateur
then please contact us at


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